For over 25 years, Natalie Hall has devoted her life to music and the study of violin and viola. Beginning in Chernivtsi, Ukraine at conservatory, she performed throughout the region in quartets, orchestras, choirs, and numerous recitals. Most recently she has performed with such prestigious Broadway shows such as Wicked and Evita. Throughout her successful career Natalie always had a passion for teaching students. From beginners to advanced, she has a thorough teaching method incorporating technique, music reading and music theory. Her students have gone to pursue music education and music performance degrees. Some are even following Natalie's footsteps and training to become Broadway artists. 


When my little daughter wanted to do music, we were so blessed to have found Ms Natalie. The musical inspiration and growth she supplied were magical for my daughter during the formative years of childhood. The lessons she absorbed are still, years later, prominently advantageous in moving forward as a young adult. Thank you for enlarging our musical family.

- Lisa L.

As a young adult having taken lessons from Mrs. Natalie for close to 10 years, goes beyond my musical growth which I feel has been tremendous, to my personal growth and work ethic that have all helped form the musical young adult I've come to be. It's been a metamorphosis that I am proud of. 
- Serena S.

My son studied violin with Ms. Natalie for several years.  I was always impressed with her devotion to his progress during each lesson.  Her passion for music was passed down to my son and he carries that with him to this day.

- Jennifer W.

Natalie has been teaching my 2 elementary age daughters the violin since December.  I appreciate her patience and encouragement towards the girls.  I also highly respect her methodology as her goal is to have them well trained in the instrument.  She keeps lessons engaging for the girls which is necessary at this age.  I am thankful that she is the one teaching my girls as she has a sincere passion for what she does.  

- Aida A.

Ms. Natalie always motivated me to practice daily and work hard!! She made sure students were rewarded for their hard work and determination. I enjoyed every minute of every lessons with her because of her positive and motivational attitude. She picked fun and exciting music for me to play, which kept me interested. Miss Natalie always made violin exciting and inspired me to continue playing music all my life. 

- Carolyn H.

I learned so much about playing the violin, piano, and music history from Ms. Natalie. She made sure we could read music and helped us put our skills in context by assigning composer reports.  She was an amazing teacher and I wish she was still teaching in Pensacola! 

- Lauren H.

Miss Natalie is so kind, patient, and loving. She is constructive and supportive. Her lessons have had a lifelong impact on me and my work ethic.  

- Elizabeth H. 

Reach out to Natalie for more information

Reach out to Natalie for more information